ohio voice seeks to be a catalyst and bring non-profit organizations together to effectively create positive change in our communities. 

Programmatic Areas include: 

improving partner effectiveness

  • Convening Partners, Catalyzing Collaborations, and Sharing Best Practices
  • Data & Digital Support, Program Planning, and Evaluation (VAN, text, field programs, etc.)
  • Joint Fundraising, Re-Grants, and Quality Control

running backbone programs

  • Voting Rights & Election Administration Coalition (OFEN)
  • State Budget & Tax Policy Coalition (One Ohio Now)
  • Census Table (co-convener)
  • Leadership Development Programs (focused on emerging people of color)
  • Racial Equity Capacity Building

thought leadership & experimentation

  • We constantly assess the political and policy landscape and do power mapping to find opportunities and make strategic suggestions for a collective impact plan that is created collaboratively with our partners. We encourage experimentation and innovation where ever possible.